Painting With Wool

Mirror Onto the Open Road
Celebrations 34 adaptations category

Sauder Village 28th Annual Rug Hooking Week Founder's Hall Sauder Village Archibold, Ohio August 13-17, 2024


The Mystery of The Sphynx
Basel 3.0 Exhibitor 2024 Show Basel, Switzerland

Where does the project take place? The ARTBOX. PROJECT BASEL 3.0 will take place from June 13 - 16, 2024 at ART EXPO Basel Visit us! ARTEXPO Basel Euroairport Basel-Mulhouse, Switzerland Opening hours Thursday, June 13, 23 / 10h-19h Friday, June 14, 23 / 10h-19h Saturday, June 15, 23 / 10h-21h Sunday, June 16, 23 / 10am-6pm

'57 Chevy Bel Air
Fiber Reimagined II Gravers Lane Gallery

Fiber Reimagined II a juried 2D and 3D art show has selected one of my pieces into their 2024 art show being held at Gravers Lane Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. August 1, 2024 through September 20, 2024

Gravers Lane Gallery

Claudia's Salon

Look At Me Exhibit shows April 18, 2024 through June 18, 2024

Little Boy Fishing
Seasons: Summer 2024 Exhibition

Seasons: Summer 2024 Exhibition, a juried exhibit, has accepted Little Boy Fishing, a piece dedicated to my late son, Zachary, who took his life on June 28, 2022 after suffering from PTSD. This award is particularly special to me. Created from a photograph I took in 2003, Little Boy fishing is made from hand dyed wool and alpaca punched into Monk's with a 14 fine punch needle.


Fire 2024 from Gallerium Art Exhibitions

Disillusionment was selected in a juried competition entitled Fire 2024. This piece demonstrates the many values of red, complementary green melded with a black and white silhouette of the artist. Created from hand dyed wool and alpaca fiber it was punched onto Monk's with a 14 fine punch needle.

A second-generation fiber artist and rug hooking instructor, Heidi Martin has been immersed in yarn and fiber for over 30 years. She has studied Textile Design and Colour under Master Design artists, Linda and Laura Kemshall at City & Guilds Institute in London, attended McGown Rug Hooking Teacher Certification and is an Oxford Certified Punching Instructor. Fine shading techniques and yarn color manipulation are of particular interest to Heidi who has had her winning pieces showcased in British Patchwork & Quilting magazine, The Rug Hooking Guild of Nova Scotia's The Loop magazine, Celebration of Handhooked Rugs, and Association of Traditional Hooking Artists (ATHA) Art of Rug Hooking magazine. She has been a contributor to National Guild of Pearl K. McGown Rughookrafters Newsletter, Celebration of Hand-Hooked Rugs and to the ATHA Art of Rug Hooking magazine.
"My artistic style has evolved over the last 30 years from pre-printed, simple primitive designs into a realistic, Neo-Impressionist form of Divisionism. Sometimes mistakenly referred to as Pointisllism, Divisionism utilizes small individual points and patches of color to create the subject, its highlights, and detail. Shadow and light are integrated within the piece by employing Modernist techniques of light and dark. Georges Seurat and Paul Signac together championed the union of pointillism and divisionism. Using my vast knowledge of color theory and fiber dyeing, I am able to create an individual palette specifically to match the attitude I assign to my piece. I have trademarked the phrase, Painting With Wool, as it is novel in this art form and defines my body of work."
Heidi Martin

  • Melbourne, Florida, United States
Perspective- How to place things in a rug that appear to be in front of or behind.
  •  7/19/2023 11:04 AM

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Hearts and Tulips- Color planning tips to please.
  •  7/18/2023 11:00 AM

Who doesn't like hearts and flowers and they are so fun to design and color plan. Here I will discuss how to color plan a small mat for a pleasing presentation.

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Dyeing fiber for a gradation series
  •  7/17/2023 10:00 AM

In this chat I will describe the process of dyeing a gradation series.

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Discussion about creating a perfect eye.
  •  7/17/2020 10:00 PM

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